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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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from big box to mom and pop. the pitch today was to shop small businesses. we went to the south bay to see if that was the case. thousands of people targeteded at a christmas tree
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lighting ceremony. what fueled the man behind the plan? and we put environmentally safe products to the test to see which come out on top. the news stasrts right now. good evening. i'm garvin thomas. black friday is in your rearview mirror and cyber monday is just around the corner. but did you know today was small business saturday? at least, that's the new trend some folks are trying to start by getting shoppers to think small and local. we went to the willow glenn neighborhood to see if anyone was buying into it. >> reporter: while black friday is over, the holiday shopping season has just begun. a national event was launched this year to encourage consumers to spend their money in their own neighborhoods. it's called small business saturday. >> i think a lot of people nowadays are looking for a more
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sur re serene experience. skip the mall madness and come to small business district to feel what the holidays were originally like. >> hello there. >> reporter: while the push is for small businesses, the idea was started by big business. american express offered their customers $25 credit if they preregistered and shopped at mom and pop shops today. >> my preference is to try to shop at the small business. i believe in small business. rather than huge shopping centers. >> reporter: business owners say they hope this becomes a holiday tradition. >> not only you're supporting a business, you're supporting friends and neighbors, too. the people we hire are local people. so we're providing help to the economy. >> reporter: according to the the small business administration, for every $100 a shopper spends at a local business, $68 goes right back to the community. that's compared with $43 at the average chain store. while the owners are forced to compete with the big box retailers, the customer service
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and unique offerings that set them apart and keeps customers loyal. >> but it's more advantageous. they get more service. i have customers that come in once, and i get to know what they like, whatooooks gd on them, and then i help them out, and they'll come back. >> that was kim terry reporting. holiday shopping aside, it is the kind of weekend that makes you want to stay inside, isn't it? rain and cold conspireing to make saturday's weather less than perfect. but what about sunday? nbc bay area meteorologist jennifer hill is here to let us know if the whole weekend will be a wash out. jen? >> no, not the whole weekend. but we are looking at very cold weather coming our way. all this rain had to do with a cold front. now the cold air is coming in. it's windy outside as well. even tomorrow afternoon cool sunshine is in the forecast.
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temperatures are still running well below average. then as we look ahead to tonight and tomorrow night, once the sun has set, those temperatures are dropping off rather quickly. a lot of people want to know if it's ever going to warm up again. we'll talk about when the warmer weather will be coming our way, and more rain is off in the forecast. >> jen, thank you very much. here's a question for you. how many of you only go to san francisco's fisherman's when you were showing visitors around? there is an idea to make it a better hangout for locals. monty francis is live to show us what business owners think it will take. monte? >> reporter: well, this is the number eight tourist destination in the country with 10 million visitors here each year. the goal of the new plan is to open up the works appeal to local. it is the mass appeal a fisherman's to tourists which
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has kept city dwellers away. the city's planner director said many consider them tacky and overrun with shops that cater to tourists. a $15 million reinvention aims to change the perception. >> it is given over to the tourists. and i think there's a lot of potential to make it much more vital by getting people to come back to the city. there's some wonderful restaurants down there. >> reporter: the plan, which was recently agreed upon by business owners would create a way to reduce traffic on jefferson and create more space for pedestrians. i think some people go down there more if there was an able to park easier. that's basically why a lot of people don't like going down there. providing more parking is not part of the plan. instead the idea is to transform it from a place dominated by tourists shops to one with more
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outzoor cafes and places to sit down, where people could sitdown and relax and gaze on the water. >> that would be nice rather than get rid of the silly stores that sell the luggage, et cetera, and put in little cafes with outside seating, that would be great. >> reporter: they liken the plan to what happened in the ferry building in 2003. it was transformed in a place attractive to tourists and people who call the bay area home. >> once people realize how wonderful it is to be down there, i can see the city turning back and thinking of it as their waterfront, not just a tourist water front. >> funding for the project has not been secured yet. if all goes as planning, the planning director could begin to see the changes here on jefferson street begin to take shape within the next six months. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the teenager arrested on charges of trying to detonate a bomb in oregon appears to have been the target of a perfect
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sting operation, one in which the public was never in danger, and the alleged culprit was caught. investigators say 19-year-old mohamed osman mohamud was believing he was get in with a larger ring of terrorists. but they were fake and so was the bomb. his intention to harm was apparently very real. he spent months planning his, quote, spectacular show of terrorism at a portland tree lighting. the location was not random, and mohamed said he wanted everyone to leave either dead or injured. >> he chose portland because these are the things that don't happen here. and because it happened to be a large gathering of people. >> at every turn, he the demonstrated his determination to commit jihad. even after he was cautioned by the undercover agents,
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undercover officer that there would be women and children involved. >> reporter: those who know him say he seemed like a typical college kid. until last month he was attending oregon state university. a life and death that changed the bay area forever. next at 11:00, how hundreds remembered harvey milk tonight. companies have started to realize that you can't just sell something that's green if it doesn't work. >> people turn to green products to keep their families safe and help the environment. how do they stack up in the kitchen? we put them to the test. and good-bye to the rain and hello to chilly temperatures. great stuff happening outside. it will be nice to bundle up as the rain is coming to an end. ks
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san francisco tonight there was a somber gathering to mark the anniversary of one of the city's darkest days. 32 years ago supervisor harvey milk and the mayor were both assassinated at city hall by former supervisor dan white. about 100 people gathered tonight and marched down market street holding candles. among them, some of harvey milk's friends. >> because i was a friend of his. i think it's important. he did a lot of good things. he inspired a lot of people. i knew him. i like to once a year come out and light my candle. >> milk was the first openly gay person to be elected to a public office in california. the vigil has been eld every year since 1978 when the killings took place a group of citizens packing heat at a
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just how well do those so-called green cleaning products really work? nbc's erika put some of the top products to the test to see if it's more than just a trend. >> soap and baking soda to scrub. >> you can use it in the tub or in the sink. alexandra has her own natural solution for just about
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everything, but when she doesn't, she reaches for something green. >> i've learned so much about the harmful things in regular, every day household products. >> things like chlorine and petroleum. she's written three books on the subject with two more on the way and says companies have come far when it comes to good green options. >> not only the available, but the efficiency. we came to the experts. welcome to the good housekeeping researchers institute. here carolyn is testing a seventh generation detergent, 20 stains are applied. >> we have coffee, spaghetti sauce, mustard. >> reporter: 20 hours later it's into the washer. we will give each stain a grade.
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with every imaginable at her disposal. she can test about anything and does. more and more products advertised as green are getting results. >> a lot has changed. we've seen a market improvement in the performance as a whole. they found a number of laundry detergents to be effective recently and tide 7th generation arm and hammer and purex. dishes got clean with these and 7th generation products. they put products through a strict review before she'll recommend them, she lists her go tos on her website. companies have started to realize you can't sell something green if it doesn't work. now they work and you have to keep buying them. >> that was erika. whole foods pulled a recall made
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by a local company. bravo farms put out a recall on the cheeses of a dozen people became sick from samples they ate at cosco stores. today they are reforming the cheeses. they encourage customers to throw away the cheese or get a refund. locked but not loaded. dozens of so-called open carry enthusiasts took to the street outside of pleasant hill nations restaurant. organizers say the event is designed to show the importance of self defense and remind people of the second-amendment rights. several people who showed up to protest were forced to carry weapons in pup lick, even unloaded is not safe. >> it's something that's a right that we enjoy. enit reduces the crime rate here
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in the society. they are more fire power. but these people are not accountable. california gun owners can openly carry weapons as long as they are unloaded, holstered and aren't carried near schools or government buildings. a christmas lights display in the south bay is not only delid delighting onlookers, but raising money for a good cause as well. two homes in the 1100 block of tangerine way in sunnyville are lit up with more than 88,000 individual lights that are computer controlled and synchronized to music. they are asking for donations so for the harvest food bank. last year they raised $54,000 and hope to beat that this year and raise about $80,000. it's grat fieing to see other people do the same thing. you come out here. you see the lights.
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they inspire people. they get a very happy feeling. then they're more willing to donate. >> the display is solar powered and runs nightly from 5:30 to 11:00 p.m. at night. the cold weather we've experienced lately gets people in the holiday spirit. great time to go out and donate. >> we put up a christmas tree today. i was wiped out after that. that is a huge bit of work there. tonight the rain is coming to an end. it's cold outside. we're looking at temperatures down in the 30s. take a look at santa rosa. 47 in san francisco. the rain is coming to an end. we saw big bands from north to south today. down into the south bay, not a lot happening here either.
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that was from scott in sunnyvale today, but we haven't seen heavy rain. it could be in the future in the seven-day forecast. let's use the sky view forecast. take a look at sunday's weather. even with all the sunshine that we are expecting. our forecast highs are still going to be running below average. it will be nice to see sunshine for tomorrow. looking at the 8:00 a.m. forecast, @ not going to be a warm start. at freezing in santa rosa. just above freezing to napa. some of the areas will be at freezing. 35 degrees in livermoor. and 40, a forecast low in san jose.
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it feels colder thanks to the wind. tomorrow at 12:00, you're still going to need a jacket. this is at 12:00. 48 degrees in santa cruz. 48 degrees in gilroy. thankfully the winds will decrease. this is a look at the forecast highs. 54 in santa cruz. upper 50s for places like evergreen and lower 50s for los gados. 54 degrees for the city. 56 in napa. 55 in pittsburgh. 57 in oakland. and we're still looking at forecast highs topping out in the 50s as we go north of the day. there's a lot going on here. sunshine for tomorrow.
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kids going back to school, make sure they're bundled up. it looks like we're going to hold onto unsettled weather. >> i don't see nit the seven day. >> we have to probably go somewhere to find that. it's not happening here now. >> jen, thank you very much. >> laura is here with a look at sports. >> it was a very big day. especially for stanford. a night for records for the cardinal football team. would it be enough to impress the computers? would they hold onto would they hold onto it? sports is next.
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with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions. when it comes to the bcs, a win is not just a win. style counts almost as much as the results. the seventh ranked cardinal couldn't just beat oregon state in the regular zn finale today. they had to make a statement in the process. and stanford was prepared to do
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just that. they are trying to prove the best one-loss team in the south. doug baldwin makes a nice move. 29 yards on the catch and pass play. that was the screen pass. 52 yards and the touchdown. 28th td of the season. that breaks the stanford single-season record. also setting a school record with the 11th win of the season. that memorial stadium washington with the ball. jake locker is sacked. jordan scooping it up into the end zone. 21-yard return.
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all right. final seconds. cal still has a three-point lead, but the huskies on the doorstep. chris polk, that's going to do it. the walk-off touchdown dropping the heartbreaker 16-13. that means no bowling this year. a roller coaster. that is the best way to describe the sharks season thus far. after an emotional win over the defending champion black hawks on wednesday, san jose followed it up with a 6-1 loss to vancouver last night. which sharks team would show up tonight? second period with the sharks on the power play. the badgers with two goals on this one. that proves to be your game winner. the sharks hang on. look who was not only on the court in minnesota tonight, but in at the starting lineup. david lee in his first game back
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since the two surgeries for an elbow infection. it was really a wright show. he had nine three-pointers. they snap a five-game losing streak. the raiders had to work extra hard this week. not only does oakland have to prepare for miami's sunday visit to the coliseum, but the team also put on quite a show to make everybody believe jason campbell will be the starting quarterback. according to reports now, that job will go to bruce tomorrow. each were charged $50,000 for video taping the pregame walk through in london he took a six-minute video of the walkthrough. the coach did not view it, but he did not report it promptly.
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mcdaniels apologized. he just happened to be the offensive coordinator during the original game. >> and they still lost the game. >> yes, they did. [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times
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the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? next on c-span, yesterday at a special ceremony, rahm emanuel officially stepped down as white house chief of staff. [ applause ]


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